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"I would like to express how much I appreciate Marshalls professionalism, and helpfulness when working with his customers. I had fallen & had to have a reverse right shoulder replacement surgery. He had help me fill out my paperwork for disability & accident forms, but I still had paperwork I needed to collect. When I was talking to Marshall in December he stated I still needed to get the rest of the necessary paperwork in to him so he could get the paperwork started. I told Marshall that I couldn’t drive as I was in a sling & on a rapid recovery machine (portable ice machine). He told me he had the next afternoon off & would be glad to come pick me up. He came over the next afternoon & picked me up to go get the rest of the paperwork.

Marshall is wonderful to work with and he helped me a lot. I am very grateful to have Marshall as our insurance agent. All of the other people that I have meet since Weaver Brothers has signed on with Colonial Life have been very helpful & knowledgably about the insurance policies that I have signed up for." 

Susanne Calzada

Weaver Bros, Inc.

I have been very satisfied with my experience with Colonial Life. After being diagnosed with breast cancer in early 2017, I started a claim online. After that, all I have had to do is take photos of every receipt and doctor bill to add to this claim. Payment has been prompt and I have been notified in a timely manner each time. I have also been notified if more information was needed. This was rare. So far, I have not had anything denied. Since I am double covered by my own and my husband's insurance, I thought the medical bills would be paid for, but they have not. If I didn't have this extra coverage we would be hurting financially right now.

Heather - teacher at Galena School District - Sept 2017

"I would like to recommend Colonial Life and relay how valuable the voluntary benefit coverage has been that I purchased through South Peninsula Hospital in Sept of 2014 was for me and my husband.  Gary was in a car accident, he suffered a brain injury and had multiple trips to Alaska Regional and eventually had to go to UW Med Center in Seattle.  I had to purchase plane tickets to see him and hotel bills and out-of-pocket expenses were stacking up.  Colonial helped me to identify the receipts and then the checks started to come.  They couldn't have come soon enough and the money provided great peace of mind that we would finally survive this ordeal.  In the end, I received over $18,500 from a little accident plan.  I recommend Colonial to other employers and their employees."

Kate Pindras

South Peninsula Hospital employee


Colonial Life is committed to providing prompt, courteous and personalized service for our policyholders.  

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Need help with SERVICE FORMS?  Find it here on Colonial Life's home page.  These forms include:

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There are exciting new ways to pay claims with Colonial Life in 2016. How about through our website or through your smartphone?  Learn more here


Want to learn more about how file claims?  Watch great instructional videos here.  These videos are broken down by policy type such as Accident, Disability, Cancer, Critical Illness, Hospital Confinement and Life Insurance.


Need Spanish materials?  Go here to download Spanish forms from the Colonial Life website.

​VIDEO CLAIMS STORY:   Jamie Fredrickson, an agency sales rep, shared the story of her daughter's Lukemia diagnosis and how Colonial Life help her during that difficult time at a visit to Colonial Life's Home Office in 2015.  Hear Jamie's story of how the work we do and the benefits we provide support millions of America's workers:

"I am the sole breadwinner in my family.  In April of 2015, I fell from my roof and shattered my leg.  Thanks to Colonial Life, the Accident and Disability insurance that I smartly purchased, I was able to heal with peace of mind knowing that my family would be okay until I was able to get back to work."

Chris Platter

Three Bears Alaska - Kenai Store 

(To Marshall Pickering:  December 1, 2016):

"On August 24th, 2016, it happened to be the most beautiful day in weeks in my community.  With chainsaw in hand and ladder to stand, I was outside my cabin limbing a big birch tree.  Well,, as it turns out, that ol' tree limed ME!  My left arm is broken only in one place, my left ankle broken into three.  

Now I am on the mend, at the home of my dear friend, with open arms she took me in, just as if I were her kin.  Two surgeries, two cast's and and the use of of Johnny's wheelchair, into the third month of being here, I have no fear because I have COLONIAL LIFE THIS YEAR!

I'm so glad we changed our coverage to Colonial Life - it is much better than Aflac.  Faster, friendlier and for less money.  More coverage and Colonial Life pays the money to you.  The worry free recovery is what one needs when on is on the mend.  I don't return to work until January (2017) but my bills are being paid and my Thanksgiving was wonderful.  I have planned a blessed Christmas as well.  It is truly the gift worth giving to someone you love.  Thank you Marshall - you are the best!  Happy Holidays to all.

Missy Adams - Manley Tribal Council Employee

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